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Father Pedro Opeka

In 1995, MAP met Father Pedro Pablo Opeka, who devoted his life to save Malagasy children and adults from the curse of the public dumps in Antananarivo. With MAP’s help, he organized landfill communities, making them build their own homes and work together to improve their lives. In 2017, the city of Akamasoa hosted 25,000 inhabitants.

In 1997, MAP funded the construction of the Akamasoa educational compound with the “Rainier III Primary School”, “ The Grimaldi High School”, “The Prince Albert College”, and “The Cantine du Rocher” (offering a meal to 2.800 children daily). Later, the "Dispensary Princess Grace" ensured the health care and the vaccination of thousands of children. In Ambialana, to replace unsanitary slums, 106 homes were built.

In 2001, MAP financed sewing machines and a teacher’s salary for a sewing and handcraft training workshop for battered and abandoned women in Itaosy. 

In 2007, MAP constructed the hospital in the Safata region, the "Alakamisy High School" (1000 children) and the "Alakamisy College" (150 children). 

In 2009, in the Akamasoa region, MAP built a house for the young bush people, training them in both farming and livestock farming.

2015-2017 Construction of a primary school in Akamasoa with 11 classrooms on 6 levels accommodating 400 students, with retaining wall and playground. The school is named after LL.AA.SS. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco

Building of a 2 floor maternity clinic in Akamasoa with 4 wards, 2 delivery rooms, a midwife’s office, a waiting room and living room, toilets, showers and a veranda. The building is named after S.A.S. Princess Charlène of Monaco. 

Father Noe- Sister Louisa

Since 2002, MAP has supported Father Noé in the regions of Nosy Be and Tananarive. We have built schools and provided them with equipment for the education of children. Also, MAP financed the flour for bread rolls to feed the 1.200 pupils daily from the Nosy Be school, and a daily hot meal for the children of the Andasibe kindergarten and primary school.

Between 2012 and 2014, MAP built two additional classes at the Ambanitsena School, added an extra floor at the school of Andranovo and other two classes at the Mandrasoa Ivato School. MAP has continued to finance the flour for bread rolls, and purchased sixty bicycles to offered to the 3 most deserving children of each class of the Andasibé-Ampefy school. In Mandrasoa Ivato, MAP built a small house for the sewing and computer workshops.

2015-2017  We continue to fund Father Noé in the acquisition of the flour needed to make roll breads for 1,200 pupils in the Mandrasoa-Ivato and Andranoro schools. This project is partly financed thanks to the donation from Bakery Costa during the action “Pan de Natale”

Purchase of 40 bicycles for the deserving children of the Andasibe-Ampefy school classes.Acquisition of 16 sewing machines for the sewing workshop built in Mandrasoa-Ivato the previous year. Purchase of 800 waterproof ponchos for Mandrasao-Ivato school pupils

Construction of a middle school with 4 classes in Ambanitsena, with 1 staffroom, 1 meeting room and toilets, for 220 children

Mr. Cyril Judge

Since 2004, MAP has allocated € 48,000 to Mr. Cyril Juge, honorary consul of Monaco in Madagascar, to enable him to carry out humanitarian actions in the medical and education fields.


In 2014, MAP funded the creation of the "Rice Bank" by the Don Bosco Fathers, buying and storing tons of rice to distribute to families in the poor region of Mahajanga in the north of Madagascar.

In the Village of Ankobahoba, financial aid was sent for the equipment and the completing of a small school.

Missions 2017

The President, 4 directors and the MAP volunteer accountant visited Madagascar from February 23rd to March 3rd, 2017 to inaugurate the “ Prince Jacques et Princesse Gabriella de Monaco” School, “ SAS La Princesse Charlène de Monaco” maternity clinic in Akamasoa and visit MAP's projects in the country, HSH Prince Albert II honoured the inauguration ceremonies with his presence on February 28th, 2017.

An Ophthalmological Mission took place from February 16th to March 6th, 2017 at the Ampefi clinic. Dr. Riss, administrator of MAP and his team carried out some 100 operations mainly cataracts.


Père Pedro Pablo Opeka / Père Noé

Recent activities


Soeur Louisa

  • Support to the school canteens of Ambanitsena and Ampefy to cover the nutrition of 1.200 students. 26.800 €
  • Visit of Sister Louisa in Monaco on December 6th, 2022.

Consul de Monaco - M. Cyril Juge 

  • MAP has been participating for the past five years in the scholarship program for vulnerable youths in cooperation with Mr. Cyril Juge, Consul of Monaco in Madagascar. 10.000 €

ONG Bel Avenir

  • Agreement with the NGO Bel Avenir for the rehabilitation and construction of wells and pumping systems, school kits and strengthening of agriculture in response to the famine in the south of the country. Financial aid in two instalments, 1st instalment of 8.000 €. 

Father Pedro Opeka - Akamasoa 

  • Extension and construction of 5 classrooms at the Collège Grimaldi in Andralanitra to compensate for the strong increase of students, for a total budget of 150.000 €. First installment of 75.000 €.



Soeur Louisa

  • To meet the needs of the 72 beneficiaries of Casa Pasquale, a project to extend the showers and lavatories was finalized. 3.744 €

  • Purchase of rice for the Ambanitsena and Ampefy school canteens for 1000 students. 13.713 €


Consul of Monaco - Mr. Cyril Juge 

  • For the past 4 years, MAP has contributed to support deserving students from modest backgrounds, by awarding them scholarships in cooperation with Mr. Cyril Juge, Consul of Monaco in Madagascar. 20.000 €



Sister Louisa

  • Purchase of flour and wood to make bread rolls for 1,200 children in the schools of Ambanitsena. 6,700€
  • MAP covers the rice needs of the Ambanitsena and Ampefy school canteens each year. 9.530 €

  • Financing and installation of a septic tank for schools in Ambanitsena. 1,660€

  • Donation of two computers with a printer for the admin of Sister Louisa. 700€