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Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast

Present since 1993, our first activity in Ivory Coast was at Bonoua where we built an Apatam, which serves as a school for 60 children during the day, a meeting room in the evening and a venue for Sunday Mass.

In 1995, Father Gianfranco Brignone decided to come to the aid of the poor in the Portboué slum. In a little less than two years, MAP was able to launch the International Dispensary Marcor, which is equipped with sophisticated analytical equipment and fills huge gaps in vaccinations of the local population.

In 1996, MAP came to the aid of a school for 140 children in Bonoua run by Sister Martinez. We sent them school supplies and participated in the renovation of the facility.

In 1997, two additional classrooms were added.

In 2001, at Bouafflé, the construction of 400 improved housing units in rural villages benefited the well-being of the population while protecting against deforestation because these types of houses require less wood for their construction.

Since 2004, Thérès Haury, a remarkable woman who, since 1970, built clinics, schools and canteens in Ivory Coast, is our coordinator on site.

In 2007 at Memni, MAP built a school farm which has become the Centre of Agriculture and Livestock Trades in a rural area where girls and boys who have dropped out of school and wish to

take up farming can receive training. We also opened two “Princess Grace” training centers at Adiapoto and Zebizekou to educate over 200 women and girls who have dropped out of school; we also set up rooms for family planning and AIDS prevention services, established a literacy program, equipped workshops (sewing, cooking, hairdressing) and created a library at Adiapoto.

From 2007 to the present day, despite the dramatic situation Ivory Coast recently experienced, the facilities of the school farm of Memni remained intact. Furthermore MAP has built canteens and schools that accommodate about 1,000 pupils. In 2014,we completed the building of the Nassian Woman Home, 750 kms from Abidjan. This Home, named: "Sancta Theresa”, is dedicated to girls ‘training reading, sewing,  market gardening and hygiene.

Under Therese Haury's supervision, we built the "Prince Albert ll Mother Health Center" in Toumgbo Yaga15 kms from Nassian, providing for 5 country villages.

From 2014 on, we 've spent a yearly 2.000€ shipping school and medical equipment and furniture containers from France to Ivory Coast.

In 2016 and 2017,MAP financed two Woman Homes (IEFF), in Giembé and in Tangulen, Graduates from these IEFF were given sewing and cooking equipment

In 2017, a member of the Board visited Ivory Coast and attended the inauguration of these two centers.

2018,IFEF Princess Grace in Zebizekou. Micro credit to 4 girls specialised in sewing, Purchase of materials to 25 women reunited in agricultural cooperative in Beinleu, Purchase of materials to 25 women reunited in cooperative in Toungbo Yaga, Construction and donation of equipment to a Health Center in Akete, which a part is managed by the village.Construction of a dorm room for 20 girls IFEF of Zebizekou, which a part is managed by the village.



Thérèse Haury

Recent activities


  • Food aid for 3 Centers 1.200€