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In 2015, MAP's President and Vice President meet M. Tambala, Diocesan bishop of Zomba, in Malawi. Country with extreme poverty, with 18 millions inhabitants, and an income of 330$, 85% of Malawian live in rural areas and exercise a subsistence farming. 


In 2016, MAP begins helping the Zomba Diocese developing precarious health facilities: 1 doctor for 33.000 inhabitants. AIDS and Malaria are the main diseases in the country.

Finance support for medical equipment to the Nyungwe hopsital.


In 2017, MAP purchased an X-ray machine for the Pitimiti hospital.

 2019 , Women empowerment project. Finance support for the start-up of a poultry farm managed by a women's club.20.254€


In October 2018, Pilar Klemm and Catherine Renand travelled to Malawi to see the achievements. They have noticed the professionalism of the medical team at the Pirimiti hospital, and the well maintained equipements financed by MAP. The managers are efficient. Map has decided to continue providing assistance.   



Mgr George Tambala

Recent activities


  • Women empowerment project.  Poultry farm managed by a women's club. Additional support for the chicken feed 2.551€