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Projects to date

In some cases, MAP has provided assistance in a specific situation but has not committed to a long-term project. MAP requires certain guarantees to ensure that donations are devoted entirely to accredited projects. Despite the goodwill and efforts of MAP’s representatives, there have been times when we have not gotten the necessary guarantees. In these cases, we have withdrawn our presence. We want our assistance to be effective and beneficial over time.

  • Cambodia, 
    • was the destination of MAP’s first activity. In 1979, a medical team was sent to rescue Khmer refugees who were fleeing the North Vietnamese onslaught. The team, led by Dr. Richard, brought these refugees the aid they needed to survive . In 1983, the Thai authorities forbid us to cross the border but the villagers of Sokh Sahn, whom we had trained, were able to reconstruct the village. 
    • In 2005, 26 years after our first presence, MAP returned to Cambodia accompanied by "Medical Aid and Presence".  At that time, 1 in 5 children died before their 5th birthday , child rape was widespread ... We built a small hospital in the bush 75 kms from Phnom Penh, named "Princess Grace Hospital", that has 30 beds and hosts 100 patients a day.
    • In 2007, MAP purchased the land for the construction of a sewing workshop called " Our Home ", bought the sewing machines and, since it’s opening, has paid the salary of the teachers and the operating expenses of the workshop. There, the girls of Phnom Penh learn a craft that provides an alternative to prostitution.
  • Central African Republic,
    • in 2005, MAP financed the construction of a second small bush school equipped with health facilities in Barka Bongo that allows 100 children to be educated. The townspeople assisted in its construction.
  • Chad, 
    • In 1997, MAP financed the construction of the " Training Center " for the purpose of  training paramedical staff who help reintegrate the numerous disabled people. 
    • In 2007 and 2009, MAP gave it’s support to Father Michel Guimbaud’s " Handicap Health ", which, in Chad, manufactures prosthetics for child victims of war.
  • In Egypt,
    • Clinic Princess Grace - Mokattam

      In 1997, MAP boardmembers met Sister Emmanuelle and Sister Sara in the shantytown of Mokattam, where 70,000 people, ragpickers, live from recycling rubbish. Skin and eye diseases, tuberculosis, hepatitis and serious respiratory problems remain the most important pathologies.

      In 2002, thanks to a donation from Word Music Awards, MAP inaugurated the Princess Grace Clinic in Mokattam. MAP helped finance the regular running costs of the Clinic, as well as the purchase of equipment.

      In 2007, in collaboration with ASMAE, MAP implemented the project of vocational training for girls and boys in required trades in the villages of the community of El Marg.

      In February 2019, Pilar Klemm met with Sister Sara and Sister Nada in Mokattam to discuss the future of the Clinic, which was receiving €25,000 annually. Following this field mission, MAP decided to suspend the financing of this project, end of 2020. 


    • Scholarships

      From 2012 to 2020, MAP supported the university studies of five girls from the families of the Mokattam ragpickers, four of them in pharmacy and one in medicine. They all graduated with excellent marks and deserved the opportunity to continue their education.

  • Gaza,
    • In 2007, through M. Olivier Vallon, MAP established its presence in this difficult region of the Middle East. Since then, we bought wheelchairs, walkers and crutches for children, of 37 schools, victims of the war (18,000 potential beneficiaries). Annually MAP provided over 500 children of Gaza with school supplies and school bags with the support of the Monegasque Red Cross; in Jenin, MAP purchased an ultrasound for a health centre (potential beneficiaries 6,400 children).
    • In 2014, the situation of the country and the return to Europe of our on-site manager M. Olivier Vallon, lead to the ceasing of this beautiful action.
  • Indonesia, 
    • in 2007, after the tsunami, MAP built a 680 m² elementary school on the island of Nias for 120 children called "Sirombu school".
  • Laos,
    •  in 1992, MAP organized an" Ophthalmic Surgery Mission".
  • Marocco, 
    •  In 2001, MAP built " Taroudant Home "; the town of Taroudant is located close to the desert in southern Morocco. The same year, we opened the " Sainte Dévote Family Home ". This home houses a dozen orphans.?
    • In 2005, we funded the drilling of a well for the " Taldnound Palmeraie " in southern Morocco. More than 75 families benefit from this project.
  • Mexico,
    • in 2001, we built " San Miguel " school and dormitory in Barrosa, which hosts 50 children in one of the most remote regions of the jungle.
  • Mozambique,
    • in 2009, we built the Gurue farm school for training young people in the occupation of farming and animal raising, under the responsibility of Father Luciano Cominotti.
  • North India,
    • After an over 20-year aid, we decided in 2015 to call for an independant auditor, in order to have a complete financial and legal report for all our Indian projects. We wanted to estimate what help was to be brought after Indian authorities had modified the rules concerning orphanage and foreign ONGs'help. We sent Mr Paul Raj, director of Sadhan Orphanage, several dunning letters and warnings to have explanations about the use of the money sent by MAP.  After one year of unavailing exchange, we decided to stop financing him. We warned Mr Paul Raj that no satisfactory answer on December the 31st 2016 would act as his decision to stop every cooperation with MAP. The donators were informed. Monaco Aide and Presence only goal was to ensure the continued existence of the orphanage. The Board regretted that Mr Paul Raj and his collaborators had not understood this.
  • Romania
    • In 1992, MAP provided one-time assistance to a center for visually impaired in Bucharest. Since then we have helped out in this region numerous times.
    •  In 1994, renovation of a rehabilitation center for hospitalized children. 
    • In 2001, MAP organized Christmas for Romanian children by buying them milk, medicines, toys…; helped a family to purchase a small apartment. 
    • In 2009, MAP sent a container of medical equipment and medicines to Zalau hospital, which were transported by our volunteer friends from the "Humanitarian Association of Fire-fighters 06". We also rehabilitated the “Maya” day care center, which serves thirty children severely disabled.
  • Sri Lanka,
    • In 1985, first contacts with the local autorities. MAP financed the construction of the « Princess Grace Orphanage » in Kalutara which is completed in 1988. In the following years, the building will be better equipped.
    • In 2004, a tsunami caused major damages. MAP will collect 520,400€. It will fund missions with the Humanitarian Association of the Firefighters of the PACA region to rebuild the houses of Paiyagala, a village of fishermen, and to reequip it with fishing material: 15 boats, 10 canoes,... allowing them, once again, to feed the region.
    • In 2005, the « Village Monaco-Gamma » project is completed: construction of 40 houses-homes. The same year, MAP assists the village of Negombo and the slums of Kassaparoad enabling them to heavy rains that previously transformed these locations in sewers.
    • In 2009, hospital of Hiniduma (200 consultations by day), construction of an incinirator for hospital wastes and of a network of pipes and reservoirs for the purification of water... completed in 2011.
  • Thailand, 
    • In 1983, MAP provided nutritional support in addition to medical training, sensitization to matters of hygiene and ideas about preventive medicine to several Khmer refugees.
    • In 1984, MAP provided medical support to Karen refugees fleeing the oppression of the Burmese government.
    • In 1990, MAP financed the purchase of a plot of 6,400 m² on which thirty Thai families were able to grow silkworms and then start up an artisnal silk fabric manufacturing business.