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We started our actions in Moldavia in 2005 with the rehabilitation of a dining hall in Roshu, so that 25 street children could be given a hot lunch and supper.

In 2007, we created the "Manfredi Home Center" in Cahul. It accommodates 40 underprivileged children and their families and helps towards their reintegration in the social and schooling system. We keep providing for its functioning.

In Cania, we arranged a home for 30 children and 14 education-trained volunteers, together with sport and cultural activities. We also share in medical aid, housekeeping help, and a laundry service for the elderly, the sick and the disabled.110 people are concerned.

In 2012, MAP also financed the fitting up of a sport ground.

In 2011, we equipped the “In A Mother's Arms “infant home. 10 teen mothers and their new born babies are accommodated there for a year.

For Christmas, over 280 children and their families are given a gift every year, so that they could have a Merry Christmas, toys for the children, and food parcels for the elderly.

 2015-2017  For 10 years now, MAP has provided for the functioning of the Manfredi center in Cahul, the Roshu dining hall, the Youth Home and Cania laundry for 130 children and some 30 distressed elderly.We decreased our home functioning funding in 2016, thanks to a cleaning training project,

In 2017, MAP decided to keep on supporting self-financing, and fosters initiating projects in that direction. MAP will back the 10 social wardrobe project in Diaconia home centers to allow for the distribution of food and clothes in the poorest rural families.


Igor Belei en Moldavie

Recent activities


Social Centers of Rosu et Cania

  • Continuation of the support to the Centers, which promotes the social integration of vulnerable children and elderly people. 17.228 € 

Social Center of Saseni

  • The project ensures 60 socially marginalized children receive continuous support and succeed at school. 9.974 € 

Social Cupboards

  • Extension of the project, that enables more than 1,750 people to be clothed each year, for the past 6 years. 7.880 €

Christmas at the Centers

  • Every year, MAP finances the purchase of toys and Christmas gifts for the 250 beneficiairies the different centers. 3.504 €

Mobile Social Canteen

  • The "Mobile Social Canteen" project was renewed this year. Every day, 160 people from disadvantaged backgrounds receive a hot meal. 10.501 €


Rosu and Cania Social Centers 

  • MAP continues its support to the Centers, aimed at promoting the integration of vulnerable children and elderly people. 17.228 € 

Saseni Social Center

  • Support for the operation of the Saseni Social Center, whose team works daily to ensure the inclusion and academic success of some 60 marginalized children. 9.974 € 

Social Cupboards 

  • For the past 5 years, the Social Cupboards project, a solidarity mechanism that benefits 1,750 people, has been a great success. MAP has therefore decided to extend its funding. 7.880 €

Christmas at the Centers

  • Each year, MAP covers the purchase of toys and Christmas gifts for 250 children in the Diaconia Centers.

Mobile Social Canteen

  • MAP financed the "Mobile Social Canteen" project, which offers a hot meal to 160 socially excluded people every day. 10.501 €



Rosu and Cania Social Centers

  • Support to the Rosu and Cania Centers. 17.228 € 

Saseni Social Center

  • MAP has also contributed to the operating costs of the Social Center Saseni. 8.200 € 

Social Cupboards

  • Support to the Social Warehouses project benefiting 1.750 people. 7.880 €

Christmas at the Centers

  • MAP covered the purchase of Christmas gifts as every year. 3.430 €

COVID-19 Emergency 

  • Emergency aid to the association Diaconia to support the families most severely affected by the health crisis. 10.500 €