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Since 1981, MAP has been present in South India . During a visit to the Orphanage of the Brothers of Saint Michel in Coimbatore, Father Fabrice Gallo discovered that the children lived in unsanitary buildings and in unsustainable conditions. MAP was mobilized to significantly improve their living conditions. MAP built 10 orphanages and 3 learning workshops as well as fund their operating costs. The support to the brothers of Saint Michel ended in 2011.
In 1981, at Madras, first MAP financed the construction of the "St. Joseph's Clinic" led by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, later a nursery was attached to the clinic.

In 1989, Father Fabrice Gallo visited the children's prison in Coimbatore. He was shocked by the lamentable living conditions that far surpassed his worst expectations. 80 small children, some of them under 6 years of age, were piled into unhealthy cells without toilets, mattresses or blankets. MAP helped to build the Aayar Ambroise foster home for small non-recidivist prisoners. They are housed, educated and trained. As they no longer have to commit crimes to survive, they can find their place in society. MAP helped more than 1,000 children a year.
In 2003, MAP financially supported the construction of the "Clinique Saint-Léonard" in Madurai, which provides more than 300 consultations per month.
In 2007, after the tsunami in Konerikuppam, MAP bought a plot of land to build a children's home and an agricultural plot. MAP covered the cost of the drilling of a well and a school and nursery for more than 100 children. In the same year, in Dindigul, MAP launched the construction of a residential school, Home of Love, for 200 girls under the responsibility of Bishop Pappusamy. In addition, we financed the construction of an orphanage-school for about 100 boys.

Sinaï Prayers House – Mamallapuram

In 1977 MAP started its support to the Sinaï Prayers Orphanage with the construction of classrooms, a dormitory and  a refrectory.  This orphanage accommodates 60 children under the responsibility of Pastor John and his son Moses. In 2014, in partnership with the Association Monaco Energie, three missions were carried out on site with volunteers, for the complete rehabilitation of the electrical installation and the installation of solar panels . MAP has been funding Sinai Prayers House operating costs until 2015. 

In 2015, MAP did an audit on Pastor John’s work on the Orphanage. As a consequence MAP learned about new authorities requirements which lead to the closure of the orphanage. 

Mass Trust

Since 2008, MAP has supported the field team of Mass Trust with the purchase of medicines and vaccines for 150 orphans with AIDS in tri-therapy in 100 villages in the Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. 2015-2017 
We continue our support to the field team buying the medicines and vaccinations. After the 2015 audit to assess the work done and verify the bookkeeping to establish the amount needed. MAP has decided to increase the amount for this project.  

Saint Anne Special School - Coimbatore

MAP has funded the 2015 Christmas dinner and the Christmas presents for 260 handicapped children who attend this school as well as to the faculty members.


In November 2016, the President and the Treasurer went to India to visit the children in their villages with the Mass Trust field team. We were honoured by the visit of H.S.H Princess Charlène, who visited one of the families and met with the rest of the children as well as the Mass Trust team in a ceremony held on site. For this particular occasion MAP financed the acquisition of a 4 x 4 car which will allow more frequency in the patient’s visitations as well as to take them to the hospital when needed, particularly during the rainy season. 

Recent activities


Mass Trust 
  • Continued funding of the program to support 100 families living with HIV/AIDS in the 96 villages of Dindigul district, providing them with daily medical care and community support.
  • Provision of food baskets for 100 extremely vulnerable families. 3.664 €


Mass Trust 
  • MAP continues to fund the entire program carried out by the MassTrust association which provides medical care and community support to more than 100 families living with HIV/AIDS. 30.324 €
  • Project aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 for vulnerable children and their caregivers, including the provision of sanitary materials, supply of food baskets for 100 families, and the organization of awareness campaigns. 11.967 €


Mass Trust 
  • Continued assistance to Mass Trust for the medical care of very poor families living with HIV and to support deserving schoolchildren in the hopes of a better future. 25.270€
  • Purchase of a motorbike to treat and support families living in remote villages that are difficult to access. 893€
  • Purchase of food and hygiene products for 250 families affected by the pandemic. 4,771€