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Casa do Menor

In 1990,after meeting Father Willemsem during a probing mission, MAP offered to help this country. As early as 1992,we acted our presence in a casual night ward for homeless youngsters in the Niteroi neighbourhood: “Santa Devota Center". Unfortunately, Father Willemsem received death threats. He had to leave the country, for his own sake and the children's.Father Renato Chiera came, and asked for help for"his"Casa do Menor children. Several projects were studied. In1995, the building of an educational farm began on the Tingua site, so that young addicts could be reintegrated.

Casas Lares

From 1996 on, a Family House program has been implemented, partly financed by MAP. A couple of “social parents “are in charge of each house. They look after a dozen of children we are trying to free from the curse of homelessness and addiction. ?2016 Renovating the Joao Paolo House, hosting young addicts for their reintegration.


In 2002,MAP financed the fitting up of a bakery workshop in "Casa Nazaré'. Youngsters are trained there, making, eating, and selling their own bread.

In 2007,MAP initiated a project with the contribution of the Coopération Monégasque, for the aluminium and mechanical engineering training of 80 teens and underprivileged youngsters.?In the following years, mechanic, electricity, hairdressing, computer and administration training workshops were created with the MAP's financial support.?Over 2000 youngsters are given the tools helping for their social integration every year. 2015 and 2016 MAP financed teachers'salaries, implements and maintenance, of car mechanic and computer workshops.


Several actions followed, such as the purchase of a minibus. 2015-2017 Restoring Miguel Couto sports ground.Electricity and roof setting of the Cultural Center (CIDAH).Restoring and maintaining the Semear Tingua electric network.In 2019 Construction of a building dedicated to vocational courses in Rosa dos Ventos



In 2002, MAP delegation joined in the Casa do Menor 25th anniversary festivities .ln 2005,the administrator in charge of Brazil checked the well doing of our actions in this country.

30 years Casa do Menor mission In October 2016,the President and Vice President in charge of Brazil joined in the Casa do Menor 30 years celebration. 


Padre Renato Chiera

Recent activities


  • Continuation of the vocational training workshops project, initiated in 2021, with the coverage of the second installment of 9.355 €.
  • Launch of the project "Young Entrepreneurs of Baixada Fluminense", which aims to qualify 60 deserving socially vulnerable young entrepreneurs with training, support for the creation of their microbusinesses and a seed fund. Participation of 25,800 €, with a first installment of 12.900 €.


  • 6-month training courses for 400 beneficiaries from the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro will serve as a prevention device against drug use. The vocational training sessions are focused on: administrative and human resources assistance, hairdressing, electricity and car mechanics, sports and dance training. 18.709 €

COVID-19 emergency 

  • 300 families received 15.000 € in direct aid to alleviate basic food and health needs.


Casas Lares

  • MAP consistently supports the Casas Lares project, which takes in street children and youths and offers them access to education, medical care and psychological support, as well as the possibility of taking vocational training workshops created and financed annually by MAP. 78.000 € 

COVID-19 emergency 

  • Emergency aid was granted to Casa do Menor to deal with the spread of COVID-19 and support the most vulnerable families affected. 14.500 €.

Rosa Dos Ventos 

  • At the Rosa dos Ventos Cultural and Sports Center, the project to build a two-story building with rooms dedicated to vocational training was finalized. 28.250 € 

  • To equip this building, MAP funded the purchase of furniture. 8.406 €