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 In 1987,MAP cared about the situation in an Agade’s district, in the north of the country: Dag Manettwas then cut from any health service whatever. We financed the building of the "Prince Albert Clinic “nominated later by the UNICEF as the official medicine distribution center for all the north of the country. An annex was built later “The Child and Mother Protection Center ", meant to give women better monitoring during their pregnancy and an hygienic place where to give birth.

The success we met with this clinic urged us to further undertaking in this country: school and clinic building, well drilling, cattle buying so that nomad families could remain self-sufficient.

Besides, MAP provides for school and sanitary facilities, clothing and food for centres and clinics throughout the country.

In 1998,in southern Kiota, the MAP team achieved the building of the Mother and Child Protection center. It brought aid and vaccination to the many children in the area, as Cheik Aboubakar had asked for in the name of local people.

From 1999 onwards, MAP had a large school complex built, including a primary and a secondary school for1200pupils.

In 2001,we equipped a truck to carry out medical missions throughout North Niger: surgical operations, medicine supply and medical equipment for local clinics. We lately extended our help to the Niamey area, building a clinic in an underprivileged district of over 100.000 residents.

With the help of the DCI, we support a fooding program and the purchase of school equipment for our 9 bush schools as well as motherly milk for our 3 clinics.


We also contribute in the development of gardens in those desert areas: well drilling, drop by drop irrigation systems, and the purchase of necessary equipment.

2015-2017  Together with school and management committees, Aghali implemented 5 school gardens for nomad primary schools, built by MAP in the Agades area, in order to establish a schooling structure for both teachers and pupils. It also provided the canteens with fresh vegetables, and the schools with extra income. The idea is to give teachers and pupils trainings workshops for basical agricultural techniques. Better fed children are in better health. The harvest surplus contributes for some self financing. 

Cattle Farming.

Between 2001 and 2014,in collaboration with Aghali, we created a cattle farm. It provides bush school children with food and milk, and a better self financing for local people.

2015-2017 Despite a still very complex political background, Aghali goes on with the calf-breeding program in the cattle farm. It works well. Aghali visits us every year and explains the Agades situation in order to initiate prospective projects.

In 2016, Aghali had the medical truck mended, so that it could visit the bush and villages population



Aghali Abdou dans le Nord-Niger et Agades

Recent activities


  • In late 2021, MAP launched a project to strengthen the agricultural production capacity of communities in the Goofat and Attri valleys through the purchase and installation of 30 motorized pumps and the rehabilitation of 12 wells. 
  • This ambitious project, which will benefit an estimated 3,700 people, consolidates previous investments made by MAP in these areas, whose impact on improving the living conditions of the communities is felt daily. 22.658 €


  • Support of the agricultural projects in the Gofat and Attri valleys  25.500€