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Helping the Pompiers 06 post-storm Alex

Helping the Pompiers 06 post-storm Alex
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In response to the damage caused by storm Alex at the beginning of October, MAP supported l'Aide Humanitaire des Pompiers du 06 to help the victims of this unprecedented disaster in the region. MAP regularly joins forces with this association and had supported them during the first wave of COVID-19 by providing emergency food aid to many families in need. 


Several members of the MAP team went to Breil-sur-Roya on 8 October to help the association on the field with their daily tasks: supply of basic necessities, logistical assistance, and observation of the damage and pressing needs.  


The social grocery shop of the Pompiers du 06, which helped 54 families from all over the valley, including 52 children, was completely destroyed by the storm. MAP is currently studying the situation in order to find the most appropriate solution to rehabilitate it.