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Help us to help !

To build a school, a hospital ... deliver supplies, medical equipment ... All these projects require funding to succeed. Your donations are as essential as the work of our volunteers. We don't have the pretention of saving the all world but just to bring a drop of solidarity in an ocean of distress.

MAP ensures, through its directors and local representatives, that donations will be used wisely to support projects as well as development. MAP is involved in various types of projects: construction of schools, hospitals, wells ... , provision of medicines , food , equipment ... , support for education and training activities...

100 % of your donations, both money and goods, are used for the actions of MAP.

Your full donation will be used for activities such as:

50 €
Purchase of Christmas present for the childrens ouf hospital Lenval end Archet, Nice
150 €
Vaccination and food for a year for an undernourished Ethiopian baby
200 €
Annual training to keep a Cameroonian teenage off the street
500 €
One year of Pharmaceutical University for a girl from a ragpickers’district in Egypt
1.000 €
Flour for rolls to feed 1,200 students in Madagascar for 2 months
2.000 €
Construction of a garden well in Niger

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